l. j. zephyr


Tyler's running out of excuses. He can't hold down a job, can't stay with anyone beyond a single night, and his nightmares and horrible past simply won't stop haunting him. Without any money, he's on the brink of having to go back home, something he'd kill to avoid.An encounter with an ex offers him a solution- to find someone else who can pay the bills, if only Tyler could give them one thing: submission.There's only one dominant Tyler can find himself even remotely interested in- someone he would've never looked at twice before. He's intense and secretive, and the electricity between them can't be ignored- but Tyler's new to this, but he's determined to figure out what seems to be wrong with Colby.But Tyler's got secrets, some worse than others- all of which he finds harder and harder to keep from Colby.

prey tell

Anselm Darcy is a vampire, fangs and all. He doesn't sleep, die, age, or love. He can't go out in the sun, can't go a few weeks without drinking blood, and can't connect with any human being around him. He can't remember anything beyond waking up 20 years ago, nor can he remember a time someone liked him.Darcy van Wieren is, by all accounts, just some guy. He's got a girlfriend, a band, a tonne of tattoos, and an all-too-explainable resistance to Anselm's venom- which is the only reason Anselm remembers him at all. And yet, somehow, Anselm can't get him out of his mind- and can't get over the feeling that Darcy belongs to him.Anselm has never fallen in love with his prey- until now.


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Simon's task is simple: travel back seventy years. Figure out how the apocalyptic Rift began. Come back to his own time, without causing any paradoxes. Hope he'll learn enough to close the Rift, before it swallows the world.It would be easy, if he didn't start to catch feelings for the man who caused it all.

man on the inside

Neil Bronte is a divorced dad of two, but he’s also a cop. He leads a special two-person division of the criminal proceeds squad, focused on one and only one thing: to find and catch Artemy Volkov, professional criminal, expert in counterfeiting and forgery, and son of one of Australia’s most dangerous crime families.When Bronte and his subordinate, Nimm, find just enough evidence that they might be able to track him down, Nimm has a suggestion: send Bronte undercover to meet Volkov.Bronte’s afraid of meeting a hardened, cruel criminal who might threaten his family. Instead, he meets Art- a kind, beautiful man with mysterious grey eyes and a talent for seemingly knowing everything about Bronte on sight. Who, for some reason, makes Bronte’s heart beat erratically in a way his ex-wife never did.Bronte’s a good liar. He’s lied to himself his entire life, after all. Can he lie to a man who can see into his soul, and hide the fact that he’s only here to catch a criminal? Or is he lying to himself when he says that’s the only reason he’s getting so close to Art?And what about Art’s secrets? There are secrets he’s keeping from his not-so-pacifist family, for one- but what is he hiding from Bronte?

right back after this

Riz is one of the most famous men in the universe- a member of the idol group Saccharine, with billions of fans across hundreds of planets watching his every move with bated breath, a twenty-four-seven livestream that never leaves Riz with a second alone. That makes it pretty difficult to hide the fact that he's lying to all of them- and that the person he's pretending to be is far more complicated, far more traumatised, and far less innocent than they've been lead to believe.It's only through getting caught breaking the rules by just the right person that Riz unlocks a secret about this life- that there are blind spots. It's a taste of freedom he needs, as well as a chance to find out who everyone else around him really is, when the cameras are pointed away.Ares, his manager, told him the secrets of finding the silence- but he might want more from Riz than Riz is able to give. Amello, his best friend and fellow member of Saccharine, acts like a perfect dream in front of the camera- but who would he be if no one was watching? Kiel, a member of a rival group Atlantis, is supposed to hate Riz with all his heart- but something in his eyes makes Riz suspect there's more going on beneath the surface. And his bodyguard, Colian, seems to share something with him that it's impossible to speak about- and how much about Riz's past does he actually know?It's not just Riz's wants and needs he's hiding from the world- it's everything about his past, too. The blackmail that he's a pawn in and his doomed home planet are secrets from the universe at large- and if he gets caught, his entire home planet falls with him.Riz can't live a lie forever. Taking someone else behind closed doors and shutting out the rest of the universe might be the only way he survives- but what if the consequences are worse than he imagined?1 of 3